Seenopex has extensive experience in all types of drilling and workover operations, and has undertaken projects in some of the region’s most challenging territories, including Egypt, Iraq and Yemen, since 2007.  
  From straightforward drilling to the most demanding workover assignments, Seenopex has built a reputation throughout the region as the contractor that can always deliver.  
  The company manages fleets of rigs for companies like Pyramid Drilling and Stone Energy, and has partnered with Mega Soft and IBM, using Maximo software to develop its own CMMS (computerized maintenance management system).  
  Seenopex stocks and distributes a comprehensive range of drilling equipment, from reamers and stabilizers to drilling jars and fishing tools. Our extensive range and commitment to rapid, responsive service have made us a lead supplier in the region.  
We supply a full range of equipment and services, including:
  Reamers and stabilizers in a wide range of sizes, in chromium molybdenum solid alloy steel, to the requirements of AISI 4145H modified
Double action drilling jars from the world’s leading suppliers, with full
maintenance, overhaul and testing support
Shock tools both standard and non-standard, from top suppliers, suitable for the most testing tasks and environments
Fishing tools a comprehensive range of top quality standard tools, and the ability to manufacture one-off tools for unusual and difficult conditions
We offer a full range of casing and tubing services including:
  Hydraulic tongs of every type and size, including high-torque, with full back-up equipment to handle any requirement and minimize downtime
Casing cold cutters the best available, for casings from 5" to 24"
High torque wrenches and nut splitters for all bolt and stud sizes, based on pre-set torque limits to eliminate bolt stretching and/or under torquing
Casing fill up and circulating packers through an alliance with Tam International, including casing fill up tools, circulating packers, two stage tools with packer, and open hole swellable packers
  Our highly qualified designers, welders, inspectors and painters fabricate a full range of equipment, including cargo carrying units, tool racks and tanks.  
  The Seenopex team builds in quality: all structural members are made from hot rolled steel, all joints continuous welded, and lifting point pad eyes engineered precisely to the specification of shackles employed. Every CCU is designed and fabricated in compliance with British standards, and all welding subject to 100% MPI, which is carried out on all lifting points before and after proof load testing.  
  On completion, CCUs can be painted to the client's specification, and are delivered marked with the correct SWL and complete with a full documentation package including all material, NDT, welding and load test certificates.  
  Seenopex offers a full range of inspection and certification services, and is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities in the region.  
  We offer a full range of tubular inspection services, as well as a variety of related support activities.  
  The core service includes inspection of:
  – Pipe management systems
– ASNT level III services
– NDT services (ET, MT, PT, RT, UT, VT)
– Drill stem inspection (API, DS-1, NS-2, SOP, client)
– OCTG examinations (API 5A5, 5CT, 4-functional EMI)
– Tubular renovation (cleaning and protection)
– Rig parts and handling tools
We undertake non-destructive testing (NDT) using:
  Magnetic particle inspection proven and reliable, MPI uses magnetic field patterns to detect surface/near-surface flaws in ferrous materials
Dye penetrant inspection DPI is the fast, low-cost means of detecting surface-extruding flaws such as cracks or porosity over large areas
Eddy current inspection used to detect surface exuding defects such as fatigue without the need to remove protective coatings
Ultrasonic inspection a quick and highly precise method for establishing the presence, extent and type of flaws in most materials
Dropped objects considerations are integral to the entire process of everything we supply, from design and build through to delivery and installation.
  While ensuring maintenance of the highest standards throughout, we take an early and proactive approach, eliminating the maximum possible number of faults/failures onsite, to minimize the need for subsequent remedial action.  
  Our surveys provide an accurate register and database report system covering all onboard hoisting and lifting equipment, from shackles and slings to lifeboats and off shore cranes.  
  – All inspections to manufacturers’ guidelines and relevant API, BS, Euro norms in  conjunction with LOLER SI 2307/1998
– CD-ROMS are provided, with full database providing identification number, description,  safe working load, test certificate number and details of previous inspections
– Surveys generally combined with those for hoisting and lifting equipment, providing full  inspection coverage of all such equipment
– Internet-based reporting gives clients full and easy access to status of all equipment
  Our rope access qualified inspectors undertake comprehensive close visual inspection of the entire derrick structure, covering:  
  – Gin pole construction, including platforms, ladders, braces safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners
– Upper and lower derrick stem sections, including all platforms, ladders, braces safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners
– Dolly track, including all Y-frame support beams, beam clamps and joint couplings, and dolly carriage guide rails, including upper, middle and lower sections
– Racking board area, including support frames, fingers straightness, latches, fingerboard access and all bolts and fasteners
– Racking system, including all racking board supports, platforms and system supports, derrick outfittings, including wind walls, and any pipework, such as vent lines or HP mud  lines, derrick safety slings and lifting equipment
– Derrick structure footings, derrick structural general condition, and percentage bolt tightness check, if required
  Our team has extensive experience in the calibration of weight indicators and all types of pressure gauges, employing approved methods to calibrate to industry
standards including:
  – DKD R-6-1, ASME B40, ASME B40.1 and ASME B40.7 for gauges
– ISO 4126-1/2004, safety valves part 1 – general requirement, ISO 14313:2007
and API recommended practice 576 second edition, for safety valves
– Standard API specification 6a, eighteenth edition, May 2002, ISO 10423:2003
for manifolds
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